By Jenkintown Dental Associates
April 04, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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You go to a family restaurant. You go to a gym that has activities for both you and your kids. You take family vacations. Obviously, your family dentistloved ones are just that--loved, and you want the best care for their oral health. At Jenkintown Dental Associates, we have a tradition of compassionate, skilled family dentistry. You can trust Dr. Tyler Sorensen and Dr. Diana Silva, a husband/wife team with a young family of their own, to care for you and yours no matter what your dental need.

Prevention is key

It begins at home with good dietary habits and consistent brushing and flossing. Your family dentistry team in Jenkintown supports your efforts with in-office care which includes:

  • Comprehensive oral exams beginning when the first baby tooth arrives
  • Digital X-rays as needed
  • Hygienic cleanings to remove damaging plaque and tartar
  • Plastic sealants and fluoride treatments to ward off decay
  • Emergency dentistry for an unexpected toothache or fracture

Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Silva take the time to compose care plans which address every dental need and goal. Also, they teach patients the best ways to keep their smiles healthy. Really, they're all about building long-term relationships with all their patients. They want to know your family well and to anticipate your unique needs and problems before they actually arise and become expensive, time-consuming and complex.

Restoration when it's needed

From root canal therapy and white fillings to dental crowns and tooth replacements such as dental implants and All-on-4 dentures, your Jenkintown family dentistry team does it all comfortably in one convenient location. They even provide the bone grafting procedures sometimes needed for dental implants. Or, if you have uneven or diseased gums, they treat those as well.

With your care plans in place, your family members rest assured their smiles will be long-lasting and strong. Plus, there's no need to travel elsewhere for extractions, night guards for bruxism (teeth clenching) or orthodontic correction with innovative Invisalign aligners or conventional braces. Dr. Sorensen and Dr. Silva do it all.

Achieve your smile goals

Your family dentistry team in Jenkintown knows you have smile goals. For instance, you'd like to fill a small gap between your two front teeth. Maybe your spouse's smile looks yellow and stained, and professional teeth whitening could help. Does Mom or Dad need extensive dental work? The experts at Jenkintown Dental Associates do full mouth reconstructions.

Be part of our family

You and yours are welcome to join the friendly team at Jenkintown Dental Associates. Together, you'll keep smiling with health and good looks, too. Call today to arrange routine exams for you and your loved ones: (215) 886-2401.