By Jenkintown Dental Associates
January 17, 2018
Category: Oral Health

Dental implants provide an excellent solution if your smile has been affected by tooth loss. In addition to restoring missing teeth, implants dental implantsalso offer a few other important advantages. Our Jenkintown, PA, dentists, Dr. Diana Silva and Dr. Tyler Sorensen, explain how you can benefit from dental implants.

Dental implants replace your roots

Innovative dental implants don't just fill the gap in your smile, but permanently replace your roots. Roots hold teeth firmly in place, allowing you to chew hard foods easily. If your replacement tooth isn't firmly rooted in your jawbone, you won't have enough biting power to chew and grind hard or tough foods.

Implants consist of tiny titanium posts that are placed in an opening in your jawbone during a minor oral surgical procedure. After the posts are implanted, they begin to bond to the bone, eventually becoming just as strong as they natural roots they replace.

After the implant is fully bonded, a process that usually takes about three to six months, a lifelike dental crown is attached to the top of the implant. The crown is created in our Jenkintown office using an impression of your tooth to ensure that your smile looks completely natural.

In addition to providing excellent biting power, dental implants offer several other benefits, including:

  • Prevention of Shifting: The loss of just one tooth can cause the remaining teeth to change position. As they shift and drift, they may begin to overlap. Overlapping isn't just a cosmetic issue. When teeth overlap, plaque becomes trapped, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Shifting teeth can also alter your bite, which may affect your ability to chew easily. Dental implants prevent the problem by filling the gap in your smile.
  • Improved Jaw Strength: Bones are living tissue that rely on stimulation to remain strong. Although weight-bearing exercises help keep other bones in your body strong, your jawbone relies on the constant pressure from tooth roots to stay healthy. When your roots aren't replaced after you lose a tooth, the bone begins to shrink, a problem that may eventually lead to further tooth loss and sagging muscles in the lower half of your face.
  • Better Value: If you take good care of your dental implants, chances are that they'll never need to be replaced, unlike bridges and dentures. When you compare the lifelong costs of the various tooth replacement options, you'll probably discover that dental implants cost less in the long-run.

Improve your smile and your oral health with dental implants. Call our Jenkintown, PA, dentists, Dr. Silva and Dr. Sorensen, at (215) 886-2401 to schedule your appointment.